Enquirer opened in Glasgow in April 2012 for a three week run. The play was nominated for two CATS awards. The London run of Enquirer in October 2012 is followed by its Irish premier at the Belfast Festival.

Some thanks
by John Tiffany and Vicky Featherstone

We would like to thank our interviewers Paul Flynn, Deborah Orr and Ruth Wishart for agreeing to embark on this project with us. With no detailed brief and no time, we asked them to interview journalists they thought would provide a range of personal views and experiences to help us take the temperature of an industry undergoing enormous change at this moment in time. They came back to us with 43 interviews adding up to over 50 hours of material. They are very, very good at their jobs.

And to those 43 who gave their very precious time to be interviewed: the material that came back is honest, angry, moving, shocking and funny. It is because of these interviews that we have Enquirer. We truly thank you.

To the actors and our creative and production teams who all started on the 2nd April in an empty space with a view of the Clyde, with no script and piles of transcripts. Your interrogation and fearlessness is remarkable.

To Andrew O’Hagan – our co-editor, chief challenger and brilliant friend and for introducing us to the London Review of Books.

For the London Review of Books, for remaining independent and a beacon of publishing possibility and for literally making this happen.

And to everyone at the National Theatre of Scotland – for still having the energy and hunger to want.


Enquirer has been created from over 50 hours of recorded interviews with 43 journalists:

Alf Young, Ben Goldacre, Blair Jenkins, Catherine Bennett, Charlie Wilson, David Aaronovitch, Dominic Lawson, Fleet St Fox, Gareth McLean, Helena Kennedy, Iain McWhirter, Ian Jack, Jack Irvine, Jean Stead, Joan McAlpine, John McLellan, Joyce McMillan, Lynn Barber, Magnus Linklater, Martin Gilfeather, Miranda Sawyer, Nick Davies, Peter Preston, Polly Toynbee, Roger Alton, Roger Cohen, Ros Wynne-Jones, Roy Greenslade, Simon Kelner, Stuart McCartney, Suzanne Moore, Zoe Williams plus 11 others who prefer to remain anonymous.

Thanks also to: Ewan Easton and Ross Nicol at Maclay Murray and Spens, Owen Jenkins, Dundee Rep Theatre, Chrystal and Hill, Office Furniture Centre, Sunday Mail, Daily Record, the Herald and Newsprinters.

Photography by Drew Farrell and Mark Hamilton.